About Me

Gabriela de Queiroz

Sr. Developer Advocate (Data/AI/ML) @ IBM + Data Scientist + Founder of R-Ladies + Mentor

Gabriela de Queiroz is a Senior Developer Advocate at IBM where she democratizes AI by building tools, launching new open source projects, and improving existing core open source frameworks. She is the founder of R-Ladies, a worldwide organization for promoting diversity in the R community with more than 100 chapters in 35+ countries. She likes to mentor and shares her knowledge through mentorship programs, tutorials and talks. She holds 2 Master’s: one in Epidemiology and one in Statistics.

Things that I ❤️ and care about 🌈:

  • Collaboration
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Community
  • Diversity
  • Inclusion
  • Giving Talks
  • Helping others to succeed